The Importance of a Museum in Society

The community museum is actually a foundation in which tends to a conference associated with antiques and various physical objects associated with aesthetic, public, chronicled, or even reasonable meaning and ensures they are offered for amenable market research by means of demonstrates which can be sustained or even temporary. The majority of in-depth art galleries are situated in authentic cities all over the world plus much more nearby types happen in little cities, communities and even the particular field.


Visitors are introduced to the artworks straight away with many large sculptures being displayed in the museum’s forecourt. A granite sculpture of the Fertile Crescent, featuring two seated figures is the most imposing piece of work in the museum forecourt. The Ship, a sculpture in pink and black granite adorned with bronze animal, bird, plant and human sculptures is another impressive work displayed in the forecourt.


Inside is a soaring well lit lobby that leads to a succession of galleries. In addition to the 6000 works in the permanent collection are paintings, sculpture, photographs, video, multimedia installations and interactive digital art commissioned from 23 artists with connections to the Community. The themes addressed in the multitude of works range from family, politics and society to 20th-century civic struggles of the community that the new generation should learn. Cityscapes, portraits and text-based art also features prominently. Artists from around the World are represented here and the eclectic collection has something that appeals to everyone.


Works displayed according to themes include Doha featuring paintings by artists who have stayed in the city, Individualism showcases self-portraits and portraits of influential community personalities, eg in the Arabic community we have the Horoufiyah portrays works using Arabic letters as abstract forms, City, features streetscapes of the region, Struggle, features upheavals and protests in modern Arab history.


The museum holds exhibitions throughout the year to showcase the work of new and well known regional artists.


The museum premises have a book and souvenir shop, an outdoor cafe, a library, an artist’s workshop and research facilities. Keeping museums help us preserve history and important facts from history. They can also contain information, books about old practices or spices native to America or a local place. 


A Museum in a community will lead to infrastructure development If there is a museum the government will build good communication network and roads to expose the community to the entire world and make it accessible by tourist. This will ensure that the community benefits where their economical political and social life.


In conclusion, a museum in a community is a resource that should be preserved and taken care of as they help us show our culture and bring revenue to the community.